Phoenix Systems is an uncomplicated and pragmatic partner with a “can do” attitude and drive.

“Blockchain technology enables us to restructure and decentralize processes to reduce costs. Phoenix Systems is the expert who guides us through this newly discovered territory and develops the relevant specialist skills by our side.”



“The archiving, management and recovery of all important newspaper articles published in Switzerland since 1780, plus all the new articles which are added every day – that was the mammoth-sized big data task facing Phoenix Systems. This data-base, along with its search function, has now been running smoothly for more than 5 years on every terminal specified by clients without a single drop-out. The search engine makes it easy for clients to find, pay for and download every relevant article on a specific subject. The best performance with the best conditions.”


Jürg Mumprecht — CEO SMD

“The system created by Phoenix Systems enables us to track every one of our containers across the globe and to be permanently aware of its status. Phoenix Systems is a reliable partner who succeeds in achieving an optimal structure and efficient retrieval system for this wealth of data. An order system, maintenance documents, invoicing – all in a single package tailor-made for us.”


Richard Ettl — CEO Skycell

“My web-site and E-shop attract attention and create a response. Phoenix Systems is the best partner for digitalizing my ideas.”


Yvonne Reichmuth — Founder of YVY

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